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I never thought I'd win one of these things ^^;;

Anyway, since Dark's the character that has gryphon forms, I'll give you her information, and her two main gryphonic forms:

Name: Dark Shadow
Gender: Female
Max rating of picture (G-R): R for gore/violence

I'm putting two descriptions--Dark is a shapeshifter, and has two MAIN gryphonic forms. That way whoever gets me has a choice. Heck, they can do her shifting from one to the other, if they want. (^^;;)

Forequarters: Basic avian
Hindquarters: 'dragoncat'
Eyes: blue in black (the 'white' of the eye is black)

Description: Dark is a shapeshifter, and though she normally takes dragon and human forms, she can change into anything--though most forms have dragon qualities to them. Front half is just a basic avian, with a short beak, she also has large furry ears and backward sweeping horns. Her forarms are fully feathered, with just the 'toe' part of the talons unfeathered. Her hindquarters are that of a basic large feline, with a draconic tail. She also has draconic wings, and a long mane of fur that reaches the middle of her back. Size is about the same as a large tiger.

Feathers are purple, mane is black and the 'dragoncat' part, including the wings, are a metallic silvery color.

Forequarters: Phoenix-like
Hindquarters: Dragony
Eyes: blue in black (the 'white' of the eye is black)

Description: The Doomphoenix form is something she picked up from a realm she had traveled..they can glow with a rainbow aura, and anyone that sees them in full aura is said to go into a torturous insanity. Dark uses this form for people she thinks death is too good for. It's small, about the size of a housecat.

The basic form is that of a four-legged phoenix. The back is feather-covered to the base of the tail, while the underbelly is scaled like a dragon. All four legs are avian.

The base feathers are purple, with a reddish face and chest. The wing feathers range from purple to blue-violet to blue. She has no ears in this form, but two horns. Unlike her other forms, her horns, legs and beak are black.

Her dragony parts are metallic silver, and she has a feathered crest that goes from the top of the head to the base of the neck, then from the base to the tip of the tail. These feathers are irridesient, and razor sharp.

Accessories (clothing, jewlery, weapons, etc): She doesn't wear clothes in these forms, though she's not beyond adding dangly horn rings. She might also carry her sword in these forms.

Personality: Dark Shadow is a killer and a trickster, she loves jokes and having fun, and isn't above drawing a little blood (or alot) to do so (heck, it makes it MORE fun, ehe...) Loves destruction, though not total destruction (is a balance spirit) though is more than willing to let loose a little chaos on an overly orderly world.

Anything else we should know: Dark LOVES felines. Only under the most dire of circumstanses would she harm one. She's also immortal (in the sense you kill her, she comes back) and can take as much damage as she can dish out. And Unlike the real Doomphoenixes of that unknown realm, she can control just how much the target is made insane by her aura.

Reference Pictures (please give full URLs. If you have none, please at least include reference pictures of the species):

Theme: I'd like to focus on the trickster side. Beware, she LOVES to tie people up. Including you.

Yah, clipped from the GAX files.

Since she is a shapeshifter, feel free to play around with the forms. The colorations basically stay they same, especially the eyes.

*bouncy-bouncy-bouncy* ^^;;;
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