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She's the size of a house cat!

... I just had a hard time taking "Doomphoenix" seriously. I'm sorry. But in no way can something whose description read as a multicolored fluff ball the size of a house cat be fear inspiring as I feel the description was intended to be. I think I'm getting too cynical for some gryphons even though mine is no more logical then the rest. "Why back in my day...." but ya'll were drawing gryphons before I even thought up mine so what am I saying?
Anyway, here is my smirk and here is my image entry for Myrror's "Doomphoenix"

Here is the poloriod snapshot found next to Mr. and Mrs. Smith when the loony-bin people came to pick them up. There were scratches on Mr. Smith's wrist and a camera around his wife's neck, but neither were in any state of mind that would allow them to answer questions. There has been speculation upon what this creature could be and if there is any connection between it and the Smiths' sudden onset of lunacy. If you have any information, please call 1-800-###-#4##

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