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This community is temporarily CLOSED due to lack of enthusiams. Please keep an eye on the community for any changes that might occur.


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This Community is a continuation of the much loved gryphon_xchange, where artists come together and draw their gryphon chracters. This community will be similar to furartxchange, in that there will be a "Chosen One". That person will give us a description of the character they want drawn, and the rest of the community will draw it. About every two or three weeks, submissions will be gathered, people will vote on their favorite, and there will be a new Chosen One.

Current Chosen One



~ No Spamming, or advertising.
~ You must be a member to vote.
~If you have won, you may not be Chosen One again until at least 5 rounds have passed. If the current winner has been a Chosen within 5 rounds, the second place winer will automatically become Chosen. If both first and second place have both been Chosens, then First place will decide the new Chosen one. If they decide, the new Chosen MUST have been active within two rounds (so if they participated in the last round, but not this one, they are still elidgable)
~It must be your own original art.
~Please don't limit yourself to just drawings! You can do a number of things- such as (but not limited to) sculpture, writings, poetry, jewelry, conbadges, etc etc
~Be nice. There is no being rude to members here.
~Pictures must be of reasonable size. Please cut it, or use links.
~All pictures must be saved as "ChosenOnescharacter-yourname" OR "Chosenone-yourname". This name will be next to your picture on the voting area. They may either be GIF or JPG.
~All pictures do not require a ledgible signature or watermark on them, but it is a good idea to have one to protect yourself fom art theft.
~Please nothing random and off-topic. No random art, or what you did today. Save that for your own journal.

Anyone not following these rules will be disqualified, or even kicked out of the community. Rules are subject to change.